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Housing supply continues to be an immense challenge across the world. We have developed proprietary technological solution to help financiers, developers, tax credit syndicators, and public sectors agencies evaluate housing supply and demand needs to mitigate the risk of overbuilding while presenting opportunities to examine demand as communities evolve.

  • Market Rate & Affordable Housing
  • Elderly & Senior Housing
  • Market / Feasibility Studies
  • Impact Studies
  • Demographics & Neighborhood Dynamics
  • Rent Studies

We have a passion for evaluating spaces, and helping our clients develop thoughtful retail concepts. Our past experience ranges from helping boutique grocery stores, and restaurants to developing a retail strategy for a 800,000 SF site.

  • Retail Demand Analysis
  • Tenant Mix Advisory
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design Advisory Services
  • Rent Studies

As household population increases, so does the demand for health care services, outpatient care, and speciality practice areas. AreaProbe has worked with urgent care facilities, hospital networks, and developers to evaluate market demand.

  • Healthcare Demand Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies

AreaProbe Capital was developed to help our clients source capital more efficiently using our proprietary technology. We interview lenders to evaluate their lending criteria, then we match their deal with suitable capital sources. This eliminates the need of having to call multiple lenders to fund a project.

  • LIHTC Acquisition Strategy
  • Debt Placement Assistance
- Tech Enabled Housing Demand Analysis -

Analyze Housing Demand

  • Seniors
  • Elderly
  • Market Rate
  • Workforce
  • Affordable Housing
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Analyze Housing Supply

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Vetted and appreciated by many of the top real estate companies in the U.S. AreaProbe was created to provide real estate firms and financiers with resources to better evaluate market conditions, while offering a lens to examine future needs as neighborhoods evolve.


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